Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Giving Back

We love getting to bring LANGUAGE and LOVE to these amazing people! Signs of Love has brought newness to these lives, helping them experience countless firsts.  The most important thing we do is introduce them to the grandest Love they’ll ever know; God’s love. 

As we celebrated Christmas last month in their villages, we asked, Jesus has given you His Perfect Love, and this year, as you celebrate His birth, what will you give Him? Their answers were spot-on in attesting to the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives.  Here’s their answers:
Love                                        Praise                         Strength                     My sadness
My future children                  Worship                     Sacrifice                      Prayer
Respect                                   Suffering                    Myself

This list is astounding because it’s compiled by a group of people who didn’t even have language not too long ago! They were alienated, and rejected…and now look! The work of Signs of Love is powerful and needed in these lives.  Countless more are waiting for us (His church) to find them.  ONWARD we go, anticipating His greatness to come through in countless ways. 

May we all be able to give to Jesus all that’s listed above.  Here’s to a new year filled with receiving His love and giving back to Him! 

Some of the people from above singing Happy Birthday to Jesus