Thursday, October 2, 2014


Power.  This is something that is misused everywhere, and it’s misuse is especially prevalent in the developing world.  We have seen time and time again how its misuse destroys lives, and shrivels the hearts of those in its proximity. We have also seen how Power can make the darkness flee, and restore these shriveled hearts!  Without its misuse, it is something to behold, something to humbly strive for, something to attain. 

Signs of Love is focused, like never before, on emPOWERing the deaf we serve.  We are committed to bringing language to these shriveled hearts WHILE holding their hands and proclaiming Truth over their lives – something foreign and new for them. As they become emPOWERed, their hands release stories that have been trapped in them for years - stories of misuse of power that no human being should endure.  As they become emPOWERed, their community sees a shift take place, and their lives once perceived as worthless are now seen as priceless. This is happening more and more everyday.  Your involvement matters…it matters more than my words could ever communicate to you.  

We pray Ephesians 1:15-23 over you. It is our privilege. This month, we ask that you would pray it over us.  It would look something like this:
Thank you Lord for Signs of Love.  Help all those they reach to know You better. Let the Holy Spirit give them wisdom and revelation of You.  Allow their hearts to be made full and understand the hope You give them.  Lord, let them attain Your Great Power as they believe in You. Let this Power we evident in their lives, and that they would use it to make darkness flee!

Celebrating His Power in our lives.  May you experience this afresh this month.  We love you.
His beloveds being emPOWERed through His Word.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

15 Years Worth of Celebrating!

15 years has come and gone...and we are GRATEFUL! We have inexplicable thanks to all of you who share in this! Lives have been marked by LOVE. Hope and acceptance has replaced isolation and rejection. 15 years ago, LESHO was not in this region, there was no Deaf community, and no understanding of Jesus Christ by the deaf. Click on "Love" to get a peek into what He has done in these lives... 

Often, an act that may seem small and insignificant to the giver, is significantly huge to the receiver. We must not forget it's in those simple acts that lives are changed, dreams are made, healing happens, and hope is found. We celebrate these lives (and hundreds more just like them) then ➟ now!  Signs of Love is committed to these lives, and all those we've yet to meet. Why? For one purpose: that The Kingdom may be advanced.  Read on...  


The above photo is from 1995, the night God solidified Signs of Love's mission in Robin Harter's heart. She was in his village at a church service and was standing outside to get some fresh air. In an instant, children gathered around her and a woman brought her a chair. After connecting with the children and noticing that one little boy's eyes sparkled spectacularly, she took this photo. It wasn't until after the church service that she thanked the woman who brought her the chair, and the little boy whose eyes sparkled ran up to her. He was her son, and it wasn't until then that she learned he is deaf!  Edgar's world opened at that moment. His mother was in awe that there was a language spoken from the hands, and in virtually no time, Edgar was communicating in his newly discovered language.  19 years later, Edgar has found love in a beautiful lady, Indira, who has also been involved in Signs of Love for years and they have a precious baby girl, Juvency Zamira Sosa born March 20, 2014. Their daughter is named in honor of Edgar's mother who went Home several years back. God used Edgar's life to cast a vision that now extends across the globe!  



Amanda's life encapsulate what Signs of Love is all about. Amanda came to us 15 years ago when she was 23 and had no language. Even though she had no language, she had a heart that her body couldn't contain. Her love poured over anyone to whom she was in close proximity. Amanda volunteered for Signs of Love, and was always there to serve whether we needed her or not. She learned sign language, became one of our most valued employees, has mentored hundreds, taught LESHO to those who were once like she was - without language, and what is most inspiring about all of this is her ability or gift to communicate spiritual Truths. She met her husband Orlan through serving with us, and he now works at Signs of Love. Amanda took a leave of absence from working with us when their son, Jeffery, was born September 25, 2012. She still serves with Signs of Love in many ways, and continues to be a board member/elder at The Deaf Church. Here's a life that went from zero to hero because of God's faithfulness...He never gives up on us. 



The photo on the left is from when Orlan was timid and barely knew sign language. You can see from the photo on the right that he is now a confident servant-leader who always brings joy to many! It's amazing to look at all God has done in Orlan's life these past 13 years through Signs of Love. Orlan is a good example to all of us in how he loves his wife and son, and in how he cares about others. Orlan's life is yet another reminder that it's worth it all!



The photo on the left shows Nancy at one of our house camps fifteen years ago! She was just a girl - shy and unobtrusive. Fast-forward fifteen years, and it is evident that she was soaking in everything there was to learn every second along the way. She is one of our best servant-leaders handpicked by The Master! 
Jessie and Nancy are currently finishing up an extraordinary project - 44 stories from The Bible on DVD signed in LESHO!  What a legacy.  


Signs of Love has earned a rich history, and that history now flows into all the lives we encounter and invest into. Eduin is one of those lives who has been loved wholeheartedly by us over the years. We've been a safe haven for him, and a source of inspiration and hope. Eduin has a heart of compassion for others, and a desire to be used by God. He's learning there's nothing he can do that will separate him from the love of God, and he's seeking the meaning of obedience to Christ. He's building his strong foundation, and no matter how hard the storms will come (he's already weathered some violent storms), Eduin will remain firmly planted and a source of strength for those around him.  



8 years ago, in October, 2006, Amanda provided an article for our newsletter. At the time, we were going into the local special education school once a week and teaching the deaf children sign language. This is what Amanda shared about Roxana: I noticed that Roxana was really sad and that she seemed to always be alone. The other children in the class shunned her. So I taught them that she is like the sheep that God loves. It does not matter if she is black or white or tan, but that they need to be her friend and accept her. I am happy that things have started to change lately. They are learning that God loves everyone. When Roxana was a baby, she was abused and dumped by her birth mother because she already had too many children. The woman who adopted her is allowing her to come to school. I am glad and hope that the difference that is made in Roxana's life is extreme! She needs to know that she is worthy. Roxana is beautiful, as you can see from the photos. She has a difficult life, but it is anchored with love, acceptance, and Truth. In the above photos, Amanda is coaching her in singing a praise song, and Orlan is teaching her a Bible story. The difference that has been made in her life IS extreme, and we are grateful for that...but it's not over. She continues to learn of her worthiness in Christ, and His love for her. We are blessed to be a part of Roxana's life. What a privilege it is to serve her. 



This one has always had a sweet, confident way about her. This is one who cannot remember her life without Signs of Love, and what a beautiful thing that is! Genesis wasn't alone in learning sign language, her mother was with her every step of the way. Genesis' life is bearing fruit. She has a powerful testimony, and she's starting to share pieces of it to encourage others onward in their Kingdom journey. There's battles and brokenness in lives that we know nothing about, and when we're invested in a life, He let's us be a part of their healing and victories! This past March Genesis was baptized (photo on left), and in July she baptized one of those to whom she encouraged onward (photo on right)! 


This one is strong. When we first met him, he was laying on a little table, left there to die. He was about 3 years old, but looked nothing of that age. GOD IS ABLE to change the course of one's life...or death (and in this case He chose to simply use some of His willing vessels at Signs of Love). God had different plans for this little boy that didn't include him being starved to death on a table. Josue continues to grow in his understanding of God's love for him. He's confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord, and he continues to trod along his very unique path of sanctification. We celebrate this life, and all the others that share his story. Let's continue to remember ones like this in our prayers! 



This young man is our favorite (yes, they're all our favorites). We'll never forget the first time he was brought to us. His mother asked us to just keep her son. She coldly stated that she had enough hearing children and couldn't take care of this deaf one. We might have been misspeaking a bit, but we told her, "Ohhh, noooooo, you don't want to do that! We guarantee you that this deaf child of yours will be brighter than all your hearing children put together. You're going to want to keep this one!" Over the course of a short period of time, Miguelito became cherished by his mother and the apple of his father's eye. This is one of the many things Signs of Love does day in and day out - bring honor to the outcast. The above photo shows Travis Shultz, a faithful Signs of Love servant, loving Miguelito in a playful way. He has been a mentor to Miguelito over the years, and now Miguelito gets to playfully throw Travis around in his arms! Signs of Love has provided an army of people to mentor and love Miguelito. It has mattered...greatly to this life.  



This guy used to be our youngest one, always tender hearted and excited to learn.  His mother sees Signs of Love as a Godsend. She would always tell us, "Without you my son wouldn't be able to learn." Whenever we'd go to her home, she'd extend her hand of generosity to us by showering gifts of homemade cheese and tortillas, or other meals and accoutrements. 12 years later, she continues to honor us in this same way.  Melvin has some big challenges before him, and we are beyond grateful that we get to be present in his life to come alongside him, mentoring, correcting, dreaming, and loving him onward towards decisions that will bring wholeness and happiness to his life.   


This one's life has showed us that for one, it is worth doing everything we've done these past 15 years. Years ago when Enrique's family was displaced from their home because of a hurricane, Robin Harter found herself hitchhiking to their new home. She was picked up by a cattle truck, and as she was standing there in the back of the cattle-filled truck driving up the long dirt road to the neighborhood where he lives, she was starting to doubt if it was all worth it. It was at that moment that Christ seared into her heart that it's worth everything she has done and more, yes, for just ONE. Enrique's life is radically different because of Signs of Love. He's experienced 2 miracles that we know of: 1) his father abruptly quit physically abusing him one day after we encircled him and prayed while his father was watching us, and 2) his mother was going to die from sepses. The village was already saying their final goodbyes to her, but God had different plans. We were moved by the Holy Spirit to visit him that very day, and had we not obeyed the Holy Spirit, his mother would no longer be with us. Enrique is the one whose life touched author Benjamin Fudge so profoundly that he wrote a children's book about Enrique's story. The book is titled, Enrique Speaks With His Hands.  Enrique has grown from a timid and rejected boy into a man whose heart is accepting and loving towards many. He's always the first to scoop up a child and show tender love, and he's the first to give a helping hand. I believe Enrique's future is going to be bold for Christ. We can't wait to give a little more mentoring, a little more teaching, a little more loving, and a little more believing in him because we know the best is yet to come! 


Ana & Yesmine

This sister and brother were found tucked away in their home about 4 years ago on one of our scouting trips which has since been coined "Egg Hunts." This particular scouting trip was Jeff Harter's first such experience with us, as well as Steve Holtrust and his wife Debbie's. The excitement from looking for a unique, exquisite, and priceless creation, and then actually finding one or several is what led Jeff to term these scouting trips, "egg hunts."  What a find He led us to this day 4 years ago!  Ana and Yesmine have become quite the movers and shakers in their village. Their hearts' desire is to see all the deaf in their region learn and grow in LESHO and Truth, and they both have their sleeves rolled up in getting that done.  The above photo on the left is the first day we found Ana. Jennifer Bryngelson, a faithful Signs of Love servant, was one of the ones that poured into her that day. The photo on the right shows Ana now teaching the deaf. The other photo on the left shows Yesmine at his first Signs of Love program, and the one on the right shows him teaching other deaf in a neighboring village. 


We met Vicenta about 13 years ago when she had no language. She comes from a very humble environment with parents that love her yet have never been able to learn sign language. Vicenta doesn't shy away from learning, and over the years has learned several life-sustaining skills. She sews, cooks, and she's also a very skilled jewelry maker. The local special education school always sold her pieces, and so it's not surprising that she now makes jewelry for Signs of Love.  She's in our homeschool program, and will be graduating this year.  should be graduating this year. She volunteers with Signs of Love, and this past June was awarded her very own 'His'tory Cloth for having learned the 43 Bible stories represented on it (pictured above). She's now ready and equipped to go and teach others! Vicenta is a reminder to us that God IS Faithful, and His plans for our lives are good (Jer.29.11).  


Jorge has been coming to our camps for years. He's always been a happy little boy who stays out of trouble. 4 years back, as Elise Allbritton, a faithful Signs of Love servant, was preaching, he responded to a call to action: submitting his life to the authority of Christ. We're not sure how much he really understood that day, but it was understood in the unseen world! He has continued to be pastored and mentored by the Signs of Love team, and several months ago after a Seder Celebration that Jessie led us in, he asked Orlan to baptize him! You never know when you're adding a link into the chain of events that lead to one's conversion and wholeness.  


Robin first met Kendra when she was 3, fifteen years ago! Robin was interpreting at a medical clinic in her village, and that's when it all began. Her village had several deaf people, and we began a program there. When she was about 5, she received her first book - a LESHO dictionary made by Signs of Love. The program continues today, and we are honored to be able to love this community in the ways we do. Kendra has an extremely difficult life, as do many of the people in her village. In the last year, she has lowered her tough exterior to allow us in, and it has been quite miraculous. She has a long way to go, but bit-by-bit, we do believe she'll get there. Where is there? It's a place of healing and wholeness, of loving and acceptance, of grace and holiness that she will intimately know. Not only will she get 'there' but many of the others in her village will get 'there' as well!


9 years ago we found this little boy living with his grandmother (who has since gone Home) in The Moskitia. As Robin prayed for him just before their puddle jumper was to fly out of his village, the Holy Spirit impressed on her that this little boy was going to grow into a pastor or something of the like. At the time of this photo, he had no language,but he sure had a special sparkle in his eye! God's plan for Jose's life is real, get this: 5 years ago, we were at The Deaf Church in La Ceiba (a world away from this boy's village), and in walks an older North American gentleman who spoke perfect Spanish with a young teenager who's deaf. The man told us he was referred to us by the local special education school. He was a missionary in The Moskitia, and wanted to know if we could do anything for this young man. Yes, the young man is Jose! The hand of God brought that little boy to us all the way from The Moskitia. God used His faithful people to get it done! Jose has been schooled by Jessie and Kathryn, and mentored by so many of us at Signs of Love. Jose is living back in The Moskitia, serving with an orphanage. Jose's mother assured us several months ago that she would bring him back to us for further training. Please continue to pray for Jose. We know God didn't allow all this to happen to end prematurely. There has been great purpose and intention on this life, and we believe it's one that will produce immeasurable fruit! 


The picture on the left was taken about 11 years ago after Robin scooped Franklin out of the stream he was spear fishing in. This was only the second time we'd seen him, and Robin remembers praying for him the very moment this photo was taken. Her prayer was that he would grow up to know Jesus Christ and be a fisher of men. The photo on the right was taken in June at this year's camp after Travis led him in a prayer of acknowledging Christ as his Savior. Travis and Franklin came and found Robin, and Franklin shared this news as tears streamed down his face. Prayers do get answered, miracles happen, and mountains are moved...we just need to keep believing.


10 years ago this little one was brought to us. She had no language, and was very withdrawn. She would communicate to us through acting out what her life was like: 'I work very hard, cleaning and ironing. That's all I do.' Amanda's compassion immediately went out to her as you can see in the above photo. We had programs in her village for several years, and during those programs she was taught LESHO and Bible stories. She was given a dictionary and an illustrated Bible. We suspended programs in her village because the participants always had other things they wanted to be doing. It wasn't until years later that we started up programs there again, and Ondina has resurfaced! Jessie noticed her leadership skills and Signs of Love has been pouring into her. In the bottom photo you can see Nancy mentoring Ondina who is teaching a girl new to our program! What an image of planting seeds and watering them. His Word never returns void, and here we have an example of that! 


This precious one has affected more change than he realizes. You see, it's really because of Marcelino that we started having our programs in Tesorito. And it's because we started loving the community in Tesorito that we committed to aiding in the rebuilding of their bridge. And it's because we've become family with some of these folks that we've been honored with naming their children. Many of us from Signs of Love are ingrained in that community in various ways, and it all goes back to Marcelino! When we had our programs in the neighboring city of Trujillo, we learned that his mother was having to walk 4 miles carrying her son on her back because he couldn't walk. We couldn't have that, now could we? So we moved our programs to Tesorito. 5 years ago the family shared with us their gratitude, and in short, they believe that we taught their son how to walk and talk. This was hard to accept, and then we realized the truth in what they were telling us. It was LOVE that did all that. Someone coming alongside of him, believing in him, encouraging him, and loving him. Let us not forget, that's all it takes to move mountains and do miracles: simply someone caring. 


The photo on the left is from about 9 years ago, and the one on the right, from July. What an honor it has been to be involved in this little girl's life, and be there for her as she grows into a young lady. Zeida is 15 years old now, and we remember this one when she first started learning sign language. She's extremely intelligent, and her inquisitiveness is teaching her profound life lessons. On the left she's learning her colors, and on the right she's learning about godly living. We're grateful her parents have allowed us this space in her life, and pray that it flourishes into her turning this world upside down for His Kingdom's sake! She should be graduating with her sixth grade certificate this year from the Signs of Love homeschool. In Honduras, completion of 6th grade is very important as it opens up opportunity for employment in various businesses, and of course gives validation. There are only a handful of Deaf people in northern Honduras with this certification, and Nancy, from above, is one of them. Nancy is also one of Zeida's favorite role models, and an excellent one to have! 


Signs of Love has been a part of Marvin's life for 15 years. When we first met Marvin he was 8 years old, he didn't know LESHO, but he sure was quick to learn, as was his mother! We've enjoyed teaching, pastoring, counseling, and loving this young man. We've laughed, cried, mourned, and dreamed together. We've struggled through challenges hand-in-hand, and he always manages to come out on top, eyes locked onto the heart of Christ, desiring ultimately to please Him. Marvin has a job, drives a motorcycle, goes to church, volunteers for Signs of Love, and keeps us on our knees! His family has always been supportive of Marvin, and Signs of Love. We appreciate them and how they have volunteered with Signs of Love over the years, and how they continue to serve! They're a great reminder for us to celebrate God-given relationships!  


From the first day we met Ignacio until now, his smile hasn't changed - it lights up the world. He should be the poster child for Honduras because he has a mother and father who love him immensely and embrace his deafness. This family's love and prayers for us over the years has been an immeasurable blessing, not to mention the countless ways they would thank us! Ignacio and his family have recently informed us that he has decided to work for Signs of Love after he finishes his schooling. He and his family have been living in the USA for several years now, and the family shared, "We want Ignacio to remember that his life matters and can be used. You showed him that, and he can now do the same thing for others."

These are some of our newest ones, some of whom I've yet to meet, and being loved oh so well by the Signs of Love team.  God willing, 15 years from now we'll be updating you on how their lives are filled with love and making a difference!  LOVE onward. . . 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Strong Love...2014 Camp Review

This year’s camp was filled with highs & lows, challenges & triumphs, and perseverance & hope.  Nothing was easy about it, and everything was worthy of it.  We’re so grateful to all of you who took part in sending these s to camp, and to everyone who prayed.  It made a difference, and will continue to do so…

Suffice it to say that many of the 107 s that were brought to us this year are shattered in ways that our North American minds aren’t even able to comprehend. No mind should have the ability to comprehend the darkness that these s deal with regularly.  These 3 days are not the cure all/end all, but they are another deposit of rightness in these lives…another deposit of Truth…another deposit of LOVE – and these things will remain and be cultivated, and flourish throughout the year. And when the darkness encroaches, and overwhelms, they will have an extra measure of rightness, Truth, and LOVE to combat it. They will remember that this thing called “Strong Love” is real and active in their lives.  They will remember that they are LOVED no matter what’s taking place in front of their eyes.  They go back to their homes stronger and illuminated…some have a new flicker, and others have roaring blazes, and the rest fall somewhere in between. Please continue praying for these s and all the others who are like them. It matters GREATLY in The Kingdom.  Greatly.   

One of the greatest highlights was Franklin’s conversion. He took us by surprise when on the last day he was sobbing. The Holy Spirit took a hold of his heart like never before, and Franklin submitted to that hold. Travis prayed with him, and all of heaven rejoiced!  

Another great highlight was that sins were confessed, and those confessions brought repentance. New journeys of healing have been embarked upon, and albeit long and difficult journeys, we’re grateful we are privileged to journey with them hand-in-hand.

A very special highlight was when some of these s requested prayer, and when we gathered with them in groups they were able to realize they weren’t alone in their heart-wrenching struggles.  The very things that made them feel isolated and alone became a way of being able to bond and relate to others around them.

We are so grateful for this community called Signs of Love. We’re grateful that s are being drawn to His. We’re grateful that no matter where our s are scattered all over this earth, we are unified in His, and can intimately know this thing called Strong Love.
Some glimpses of moments we shared Strong Love.
Our days were filled with learning & growing in many ways and on many levels.
Girls just having fun!
These 3 were awarded a "History Cloth" of their own for learning the 42 chronological Bible stories represented on the cloth. Now they'll be able to go and teach, 2Tim2.2 style!
We celebrated Signs of Love's 15 year anniversary with a big birthday party bash. We had 1 representative on stage from each village where we host programs, and one of our youngest from one of our newer villages blew out the '15' candles.  We also honored Amanda and Jessie for their dedication and love that is absolutely inexplicable.  One word summary:  priceless.