Saturday, March 7, 2015

It Just Takes One

I've had an overriding thought in all I've done these past couple of months:  It just takes one. You see, sometimes I can get bogged down at thinking of all the hearts that are broken and need to be mended, all the lives that haven't a clue of His name or Love, all those who are trapped in darkness and waiting for an escape, AND then everything appears overwhelmingly difficult. That is until I remember, It just takes one. 
The picture below helps me remember: 
It just takes one little girl in a village to be rooted in Christ's love to bring The Good News to all those in her village.
It just takes one child who's loved by someone to grasp their value in Christ and the hope He gives to break the cycle of abuse, and effect Kingdom change. 
It just takes one young man who's serious about his conversion to go and make disciples and baptize them in the name of Jesus. 
It just takes one woman who's known as 'the crazy one' to receive a miracle of His wholeness, be transformed, and then transform all those who called her crazy. 
It just takes one man who's looked upon pathetically by everyone in his village to be healed of his addiction, and then be used as a miraculous example to bring those villagers to the feet of Christ. 
It just takes one woman who desires to learn of His Truth, who will then keep spreading that Truth and transform her entire country for The Kingdom.  
It just takes one
Whenever I start bogging down on the massiveness of the work before me and Signs of Love, I just need to remember that all of us can love and teach one person at a time. That's all that matters. It just takes one