Friday, April 1, 2016

Do You Love Me?

Something phenomenal is taking place amongst us in Honduras. Since the beginning of the year, Orlan has been preaching, and his sermons hold everyone captive – for great lengths of time! This is phenomenal considering Orlan has only been trained through Signs of Love; he cannot read; he cannot hear with his ears. Orlan is an extraordinary example of what it means to be anointed by God.  He diligently prepares for his sermons through praying and combing over the stories in his various picture Bibles. He doesn’t focus on all he doesn’t know – he simply thinks about what he knows, and then teaches that to others. He thinks about our beloveds who he knows oh-so-well, and he fine-tunes his sermons to speaking into their problems. Orlan cannot hear with his ears, yet he hears with great acuity.

Signs of Love’s tagline is “Love can be heard by all.”  This meaning is unfolding in Orlan in profound ways. We’re looking forward to our beloveds hearing like Orlan, and doing things that surpass anything we’ve ever done.  There’s freedom, great freedom in Jesus’ sole requirement to feeding His sheep; Do you love me? That’s all it takes for us to turn this world upside-down with His love…we just gotta love Him…and then, feed His sheep.